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About Workforce Edge

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Connect Employee Aspirations with Organizational Goals

Organizations that prioritize education benefits are creating a competitive advantage for themselves in the marketplace.

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Strategic Education, Inc. helps organizations develop and upskill their workforce through our portfolio of modern education solutions.

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Workforce Edge, our premier workforce solution, is the central hub for employers to custom-build, manage, and track their benefits program, all in one place.

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Designed to deliver education and training to employees at scale, Workforce Edge partners can build a more agile and adaptable workforce, prepared to seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

Employers We Want to Work With

With the needs of today’s workforce changing rapidly, pathways to reskilling and upskilling have become paramount to recruitment and retention efforts. Investing in employee education can help these efforts and create a stronger, more motivated workforce with increased representation at all levels of an organization. We want to work with employers who believe in this investment.

Do you need a smarter way to manage education benefits?


Learners Should Have Choices

We firmly believe in the power of choices. When balancing work, school, and the rest of life, learners need the ability to choose what, where, and when they learn. Our platform makes it easy for you to discover and choose the perfect fit for your goals. And with varying discounts across programs, you’ll be sure to find an option that breaks cost barriers.


Opening Doors with Education Providers

In alignment with our mission, we partner with learning providers that also believe in the impact that education has on lives. We represent learning providers fairly on our platform so that learners consistently have power in choice. With a variety of learning provider partners in our network, we want to continue to grow options for learners. Ready to see how Workforce Edge can increase your enrollment rates?