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Strategically investing in your talent — their learning, training and skills — can dramatically improve your organization’s performance, culture, and retention, and help you compete and win as an employer of choice.

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Welcome to WorkforceEdge

WorkforceEdge is an industry-leading collaboration between 15+ top universities. Our “in-network” participating schools offer unprecedented benefits to participating employers while the WorkforceEdge platform makes tuition benefit administration easier than ever before.

By partnering with WorkforceEdge, you’ll gain access to a free platform that provides:

Seamless workflow administration

that automates the tuition assistance and reimbursement process, reducing HR administrative workload

A leading consortium of “in-network” universities

offering discounted pricing and other benefits to employees and employers – as well as the ability to preserve choice: employees can attend any university while still utilizing the WorkforceEdge administrative tools


to provide clear visibility into tuition assistance spend

Tools to facilitate payments

to university partners (for tuition assistance) or students (for tuition reimbursement)

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