Evolve your education benefit

When you invest in learning, training, and skills, you help your people unlock their individual potential. When you do it strategically, you also drive organizational performance, culture, and retention—and boost your ability to compete and win as an employer of choice.

Meet our University Partners. Partnerships include select programs from these institutions.

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Discover Workforce Edge

Workforce Edge is a streamlined, efficient, and FREE online platform to manage your education benefit processes. It also brings you a network of leading universities offering best-available pricing—while allowing your employees to learn at any university they choose.

See how Workforce Edge can elevate your organization’s education benefit. For free.


Replace tedious and expensive manual processes with an automated tuition assistance and reimbursement workflow that reduces the HR workload.


Give employees more choice—with in-network discounts at preferred universities plus the freedom to select any other education provider.


Get accurate reporting for a micro and macro view of participation, overall spend, and more.


Get support from the Workforce Edge activation team to help you build awareness internally, drive participation, and upskill more employees than ever before.

For Employees

Make the most of your employer’s tuition assistance benefit. Workforce Edge expands your choices, simplifies the tuition reimbursement process, and gives you more control over your own learning and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question here, feel free to contact us

How do I learn more?

Use our “Contact Us” form on this site to request a follow up from one of our sales team.

Who are all the university providers in your network?

We continue to add new providers to our Workforce Edge partner network. Please contact sales to learn more about all offerings available.

How does Workforce Edge support more choice for employees?

Workforce Edge brings you a select group of high-quality universities that provide you and your employees discounts and other benefits. Workforce Edge is unique, however, in that we can provide our workflow, visibility and reporting capabilities for any accredited university your employees choose to attend - even those outside of our network.

How much does Workforce Edge cost?

Nothing. Workforce Edge is free. As a product built by a consortium of leading universities, Workforce Edge does not charge employers to utilize its platform.  Our goal is simply to promote the utilization of education benefits by employees.

Can Workforce Edge handle all types of employee educational assistance requests?

Workforce Edge can support any Tuition Assistance or Tuition Reimbursement request covered by your benefits policy. This includes ability of employees to submit requests for fees from our in-network university partners or any other accredited university in the U.S.